Radius Community

Radius has launched a ground-breaking digital community for network leaders from all diversity strands, sectors and industries around the world.

Radius Community provides unique access to:

A world of leaders – a comprehensive directory of employee network leaders from all strands of diversity. Reach out, connect, ask questions, plan events, and arrange face-to-face or virtual meetings.

A different view – inspired by members, we host online forums on a broad range of employee network topics and challenges.

Network visibility – enhance your network’s brand and visibility by publicising your events and news.

Expertise and resources – use our video library to find tips and tricks on running an event, getting funding, creating ally programmes, succession planning and other topics.

A place to align your efforts – companies can bring all their network leaders into one space to communicate, collaborate and share best practice.

More time – leaders can now network online, and build better networks together, any place, any time.

For more information contact matt@radius-business.com.

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“It is great to be partnered with someone from a completely different industry and background, bringing new ideas, suggestions and energy as to how I can make my network more effective.”

BNP Paribas – Gender Network Lead