About Radius Business

Radius Business is a unique network and consultancy, driving forward Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement within your organisation.

Working closely with more than 300 international organisations around the world, Radius Business is the global leader in the development, training and empowerment of employee networks and employee resource groups (ERGs). From London to New York and Singapore, we are the ‘go to’ experts in our field.

Our unique services and resources fully and flexibly support organisations with the evolution and development of ALL their employee networks, wherever they may be in their journey.

“I have always been passionate about people and the benefits of networking and celebrating all diversity. Growing up as a gay man and addressing the challenges of dyslexia and ADHD, I understand how it feels to be perceived as different. I launched Radius in 2011 as I was keen to demonstrate to the business community that difference can be harnessed to create significantly more effective and innovative organisations.”
Matthew Parsons, Managing Director, Radius Business

“Radius brings a new and fresh approach to D&I and is driving real business value for organisations through its networks, workshops and programmes. I have spent most of my working life tackling inequality and I am proud to support Radius, which is a unique business furthering the D&I agenda, by providing practical support to help businesses, across all industries, sectors and strands of diversity.”

Lord Herman Ouseley, Chairman, Kick It Out, Former Executive Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality