Why Radius?

At Radius, we see that organisations are most effective and inclusive when they have thriving employee networks. We help networks to become the core building blocks of diversity and inclusion within businesses, regardless of size, sector or geographical footprint.

By working with Radius you will:

  • Develop, empower and enhance your employee networks and support the people that lead them to create more effective, high impact groups across your organisation
  • Help align your employee networks with your organisation’s internal strategy and goals
  • Equip your network leaders with key skills, tools and resources to create, deliver and embed effective network strategies and activities
  • Attract and grow diverse talent by providing vital leadership training, support and development
  • Demonstrate that your organisation is committed to diversity and inclusion, and understands the benefits of employee networks
  • Join a growing global community of networks that reach beyond their own business to offer industry-wide benefits

we support the development of all
employee networks